Visiting Berlin

I was in Berlin a few months ago to run the Berlin Marathon. I had won a competition and been given 4 weeks to train and this is what happened:



With my much loved medal

With my much loved medal

I was extremely slow – at times I am pretty sure a turtle sprinting through peanut butter would have been faster – but I did it and am so proud of myself for doing this.  

I knew that running a marathon would, to put it mildly, tucker me out, but I wanted to enjoy Berlin as much as possible while I was there since I had never been. So for the next week I was on my (dead) feet exploring this amazing city.




It tickled me pink to know that this green man is Berlin’s ‘Go’ man when the traffic light is red.



Berlin was one of the most interesting, cutural and busy cities I have ever visited. It was also the city where I went to my first jazz club, Plan B. That was on the last night and it was a lovely end to a lovely trip.

Also, did I mention that I ran the marathon??


  1. VisitSiena 21st November 2013 / 10:54 am

    will visit so soon 🙂 like so much 🙂

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