My Favourite Eyeliner

I think the title of this post is misleading. It seems to suggest that I scientifically tested a wide and all-encompassing range of eyeliners for a suitable and lengthy time period before making an unbiased decision. This is not even close to what happened. Instead I was invited to a Fancy Dress/Halloween party, picked out a character and realised the day before that I have to learn how to draw wings on my eyes.

In the past decade I think I have bought eyeliner twice, excluding this time. Both times it was waterproof and both times after a long day I ended up with dark smudges underneath my soul windows. In other words I was paying people to make me look tired. 

So this time when I decided to venture out into the world of make up counters, I wanted something which would actually stay around my eyes and not migrate to other areas on my face. I also wanted something which would let me draw on my face without it looking as if I let a child have free reign with a black pen.   

Once I started looking around I quickly came to the conclusion that the best thing for me was an eyeliner pen. And by pure chance, this is the one I bought, DiorShow Art Pen.

Yeah, I can colour in my face with that!

Yeah, I can colour in my face with that!

Once home, I decided to sieze the day. And that was when I realised I was onto a winner. My fancy dress idea was Uhura from Star Trek and she has the most epic eyeliner wings ever. This is what I achieved, first try.

Now it's all about the hair - is the ponytail high enough?

Now it’s all about the hair – is the ponytail high enough?

Yeah, it’s my favourite eyeliner of all time.

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      I completely agree!

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