Gardenia and English Fern

Gardenia and English Fern from Penhaligon's

Gardenia and English Fern from Penhaligon’s

I love perfumes and scents – as does everyone in my family. However we are very unadventurous with what we buy and usually stick with designer scents that can be picked up from every high street.

However this changed when I discovered Penhaligon’s of London.

And like so many things in my life, discovering them was purely by chance. I happen to work with someone who won this beautiful music box full of small cologne bottles in our company’s Christmas raffle. Along with this were some samples which this particular colleague didn’t want as they assumed, incorrectly, that they were all female scents. I and another woman very politely, very British-ly fought over which ones we wanted and I am pretty sure I came out on top – if it is possible to come out on top when choosing between wonderful scents.

English Fern from Penhaligon's

English Fern from Penhaligon’s

English Fern, which when I first smelt it I wondered why it was such an earthy smell. Usually these smells aren’t in perfumes aimed at women. But I love smells like that: Lush’s Dirty (of the solid variety) is one of my favourite scents. So I dabbed (maybe poured is a better word) some on my wrists and spent the rest of the afternoon inhaling deeply. It was only later I noticed that this scent falls into Penhaligon’s Gentleman section. I neither mind nor care since it smells divine.  

Gardenia from Penhaligon's

Gardenia from Penhaligon’s

Gardenia, is a beautiful floral scent which, I can say with utter confidence, now has a very special place in my heart. This is the bottle I plan to buy after my existing perfumes finish. My Mum is equally in love with it and I foresee the two of us very politely and very British-ly arguing over it. As yet Sister hasn’t smelt it. This is probably as good thing.

Gardenia and English Fern from Penhaligon's

Gardenia and English Fern from Penhaligon’s

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