Merry Christmas! Have Some Food

A Vegan Christmas Feast

A Vegan Christmas Feast

As a non-practising, Pancake Day loving Hindu, Christmas is one of those celebrations which has been assimilated into my family. It is a day which I spend entirely with my family watching way too much TV. However, that comes in the afternoon. In the morning, it’s cooking time. My family consists of vegetarians, part-time vegetarians and vegans, so to cater for everyone, this year we (Mater, Sister and I) made a completely vegan feast.


‘Vegan?’ I hear you cry, ‘Vegan?!’ and yes dear reader, vegan. A vegan diet is nowhere near as boring as many people initially think and there is loads more to it than leaves and bark. What we ended up making was delicious. Mouth watering. And I wish there was more left.

A courgette and mushroom Quiche, a nut roast with gravy, roasted vegetables (doused in copious amounts of garlic as is right and necessary), and home-made mince pies. I am not the best cook in the world but I was very proud of this feast.

Sister runs a vegan baking blog and she is putting up the recipes. So if you want to try the vegan nut roast or mince pies, have a look at the links below. The Quiche recipe isn’t up yet but should be soon.

Vegan Festive Roast With Gravy – her names for the dishes are much fancier than mine, that’s for sure.   

Vegan Mince Pies

Say hi to Sister, tell her I sent you, and do try some of the amazing stuff she has on her blog. As someone who takes taste testing very seriously, I can tell you that it is all delicious.

I hope you all had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas, and if you celebrated, Merry Christmas!

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