Letting it all Grow Out – Hello Eyebrows

And yes, we are back to eyebrows. Most specifically my eyebrows and the desire I have to grow them out. I have been a serial plucker and threader since my early teen years and leaving them alone is harder than I thought it would be. I have dark, thick eyebrows which had been perfectly arched and fairly thin in shape since my mum decided it was about time we did something with the ‘beetle brows’ (her words and my aspiration) growing on my face. This something was a beautician who then proceeded to wax my general eye area. First and last time that happened.

I have no not touched my eyebrows since December 2013 and they are growing far too slowly for my liking giving me a patchy look. I find it lovely; one friend who saw them via Snapchat (yes I am that hip) told me I should get an eyebrow pencil to even it all out. Not going to happen. I want to get noticed for my eyebrow hair and in this in-between stage that won’t happen if they look plucked. But I do think I need to invest in an eyebrow comb since they are surprisingly long and at times, fall down.

It’s quite freeing not to care about the way they look, except for how fast they are growing. Next stop armpit hair. Maybe.

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