Superdry’s Premium Lounge


Yesterday Superdry officially launched their brand new Premium Lounge in the basement of their Regent Street store and I had the chance to go to the grand opening.


Superdry Premium Lounge includes the Superdry + Timothy Everst Sebiro collection, Superdry Luxe, their artisan Copper Label Selvedge Denim and Copper Label Goods. The tailoring was exquisite, the colours perfect for next season and the excitement from the crowd completely genuine.


I am always so partial to a good jacket and the ox blood coloured jacket in the background was so beautiful. It makes me longs for some slightly warmer weather (sadly we all know that’s not going to happen for a really long time)



These shoes may be my favourite piece from the collection – there is nothing more comfortable or stylish than a good pair of brogues and these are brilliant for Spring. Also, the socks are orange and therefore perfect.


Cocktails were flowing at the event and the above was a Pear and Jasmine Bellini, my poison of choice for the night. It was delicious and as I was appreciating it’s taste, the pear decided to slide off the glass and onto my face. And by slide I really mean slap. Even with the noise of the DJ and the chatter there was an actual slapping sound of wet fruit meeting dry cheek. I ate it of course.


Sadly I didn’t have time to do any shopping last night but I plan to pay Superdry’s Premium Lounge another visit as soon as possible.

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