This is the first of a few planned posts on London Fashion Weekend, the weekend (and a few days before) when Somerset House is open to the masses. Amidst the catwalk shows there are pop-up shops showcasing the best of British fashion, many of whom I had never heard of.

One such shop was Yokle Fashion who specialise in contemporary silk loungewear and home accessories.



Founded by ex-Stella McCartney and Temperley designer Ella Ringner and former Purple PR representative Anna Williamson, YOLKE’s collection reminds me of nights spent on the Orient Express lounging in a carriage as Europe passes by your window. Fanciful I know, but these have a wonderfully fantastical element about them. I don’t mean in the sense that they are mythical pieces of clothing but in the sense that they hark back to a time long gone, whilst also not falling into that annoying trap of being nothing more than silky nostalgia.


I fell in love with the luxurious nature of their garments, their casual and elegant look. All their woven fabrics are designed, sourced and produced in the UK giving them traceability and accountability – something which is becoming more and more important as story after story of factory working conditions comes to light.

In the end I couldn’t resit the below jumpsuit. It’s beautiful, elegant, contemporary and fits like a dream.

All images from yolke.co.uk

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