It was the Oscars last night! And while I slept like a baby on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, people were eating pizza, falling out of cars, and wearing Nairobi Blue. And, what can only be described as the most fun selfie in the history of the world was being taken even though it would have been a whole load better if Bradley Cooper’s arm was longer.

Of course some awards were given to some people for some acting, or whatever.

The face that pizza was delivered and served is epic. I do feel for he people in the rows further back though. They get no food. They also don’t get Brad Pitt giving them plates.  





Lupita Nyong’o who won Best Supporting Actress wore a stunning Prada gown in Nairobi Blue. While the dress itself was a little too safe for me personally, she looked truly magnificent and the picture below has to be the most beautiful picture from the night.  


All that’s missing from this picture is Cate Blanchett, who won Best Actress.


And this is probably the most magnificent example of photobombing ever. U2 have most definitely been Cumberbatched.


While the night was wonderful, a success, definitelty better than last year, the most important thing was that our Office Sweepstake results came back. I came second – by two points, so close yet so very far.


Images from tumblr.com

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