Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is the day when I hear ‘but when is the international men’s day’ more often than any other and while I expect to hear that, I don’t really expect to hear ‘well women are women’s own worst enemies’. I did hear it courtesy of Lily Allen in Shortlist Magazine. Sometimes I don’t like the things Lily Allen says because they are just plain wrong.

There is this saying, you all know how it goes or at least variations of it – women are bitches. Women are bitches to each other, behind each other’s back, around the water cooler and photocopier. We gossip maliciously and bitch about other women. Movies, TV shows, books all seem to propagate this stereotype so while it’s been shoved down our throats it may come as a surprise but women aren’t really like that. We are allies even if people wish we weren’t. And we are enemies too. Women don’t have an automatic setting to like all men and hate all other women, and using this to understand behaviour is harmful and lazy.

And on this day, this glorious day of International Women’s Day or The Best Day Ever Except For That One Saturday A Couple Of Years Ago When Everything Was Perfect, it’s important to stress just how false this myth is. Hate isn’t automatic because of gender. Hate, like every other emotion is far more nuanced than that and people are far more interesting than that too.

It it annoys me when people say over and over again how feminism – which is nothing more than wanting equality – is ruining things. It really isn’t and maybe when it has actually done its job we won’t need an International Women’s Day and every day will be International People’s Day or something else as sweet. Until then Happy International Women’s Day!

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