Miranda Hart’s What I Call My Live Tour


I, like so many people, love Miranda Hart and her sitcom Miranda so when I heard she was doing a standup tour (in the O2 no less) I bought tickets within five minutes of them being released. That was in 2012 and I promptly forgot about it. It became an urban legend in my life – I would tell everyone about it but March 2014 never seemed to be coming closer. Then, last week the day actually arrived.

I have never been to the O2 Arena before to see a live stand up show. This fact explains why my mum and I were there an hour and a half early not realising that the time on the ticket is the time the doors open and that the show itself starts a good few hours later. Well, probably this fact and a hint of silliness on my part.

When the show started we were more than excited. It was Miranda on the stage just over there. (Everything that night out of my mouth was in italics.) Miranda Hart’s stage presence was incredible. This was the O2 and there didn’t seem to be a hint of nervousness. She was excited and happy and it was infectious. The whole arena could feel it. Her routine eschewed the urge to shock and instead focussed on what we know her for: stories of her English upper-middle-class embarrassment of a life.

And even if that wasn’t your life, she includes you in it. Anecdotes start with, ‘does anyone else ever…’ and the audience agrees with her whole heartedly. There are the clichés but they are funny and there are fart jokes which are hilarious. Teenagers were compared to bears and Kanye West became a train station.  

However what really cracked us up was her ad libbing with the front row. She flirted with a young man, Teddy, who turns out to be born in 2000 and was 14 years old. This became a running gag throughout the show much to everyone’s amusement.

And while everything seems spontaneous and unplanned, the careful structure is made clear right at the end when everything is linked all together. And Miranda is right, it would be so much better if we worried less about being judged and allowed ourselves to be sillier. It was a very sweet end to the show.

Except it wasn’t quite the end. After all the whole show was centered around a party theme, and no party is complete without a proper celebration at the end, which is exactly what this one had, complete with a very sexy walk.

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