Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? Nope, it’s a shirtdress


The shirtdress is the latest piece of clothing that I want to add to my wardrobe. It isn’t a new invention (if a long-ish shirt can ever be called an invention) and Sister has had one for ages, but yesterday I was looking through the Telegraph Magazine and fell in love. Of course you can wear a man’s shirt with a belt but why would you want to do that when there are such beautiful women’s shirts out there?

Take the Thakoon Addition Mini Dot Floral Shirtdress above or the Laden Showroom X Mirror Mirror Open Back Shirtdress below. It has a button down front and a lovely open back. This seems to be the kind of outfit which would look amazing in an office environment and in a more relaxed setting with friends or on a date. I also think it, and almost any shirtdress, would be the perfect city holiday outfit. With a pair of comfortable flats (I am in love with Toms right now) I could walk for miles exploring a new place.



Of course shirtdresses have that added hint of sexiness, what with button down fronts which can be unbuttoned, and the fact that there is the whole idea of wearing a man’s shirt (all I can say is that it better be clean).

photo (2)Photographed by Guy Aroch

photo (40)Photographed by Guy Aroch

 I’m sorry about the quality of the images but I had to show them to you all. Sexy, no? And very, very lovely. The top one is by Atea Oceanie and the bottom (my personal favourite) is by Nina Ricci at Harvey Nichols.  I would be more than willing to walk bra-less in a desert in something like that.

Images from,,, and The Telegraph Magazine


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