Dinner at Inamo


Inamo in Soho is one of the only places in London (it actually could be the only place – certainly the only place I have ever been to) where all the tables are interactive. It’s not quite touch screen but it’s close enough. It’s fun and it works. But most importantly, the food at Inamo is delicious.

The table could be decorated to your tastes – so the background and tablecloth could change.


As you chose what you wanted to eat, the options were projected onto your plate so you could visualise how it would look. I loved doing this, it just made the whole experience a little more fun.


As you can see from my interactive menu, I ended up choosing the Promo Veg Uramaki and the Thai Red Curry and Rice along with Chamomile Tea.


It was all so delicious. The cocunut in the curry was the perfect amount and the sushi didn’t fall apart after my clumsy attempts at using a chopstick. This is always hugely appreciated.




As a vegetarian I have resigned myself to a few options from the menu but in Imano I was pleasantly surprised – their vegetarian selection is extensive, something which actually made me feel a little spoilt for choice.

I definitely recommend Imano. Not only is it innovative but the food is delicious.

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