Miranda Kerr vs the Bondi Hipsters – who does sexy/nude better?

Images are probably NSFW, but then again I don’t know where you work so they may be perfectly safe.

One of the most entertaining ways of highlighting the double standards in the fashion industry is to have men pose in the same way women do. The same, provocative, raunchy, and generally nude way that women do. And if the man is tattooed and bearded all the better, since tattooed and bearded women are frowned upon and aren’t generally seen on magazine covers.


Dom Nader and Adrian Archer, the men behind Bondi Hipsters, recreated Miranda Kerr’s May 2014 British GQ Cover Shoot (which was photographed by Mario Testino). She’s occasionally nude, sometimes semi nude in sheer vests, and raunchy in every image. There is an interview accompanying the images, and some of the stuff Kerr says just makes no sense. It makes even less sense when the piss is taken out of it it’s recreated from the male perspective.

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The results are funny and entertaining and also shine a light on the industry’s representation of women. Female bodies are constantly over-sexualised because apparently it is a well known truth that naked women sell high end handbags and magazines. When a man is there instead and he is the one talking about masturbation and same-sex curiosity it’s a whole other thing – something we aren’t seeing in mainstream media or in the fashion industry.


The fact that the Bondi Hipsters’ images are of such a high quality makes them interchangeable with Mario Testino’s efforts. And that makes this parody all the more effective.

The credit for all the Bondi Hipster photos belongs to Pat Stevenson while the credit for all the British GQ photographs belongs to  Mario Testino.

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