Great Escapes – Canterbury

Yesterday my cousin brother got married and the wedding took place in Canterbury in Kent. I have never been to Canterbury and it has quickly before one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.


The first part of the ceremony was in the Registry Office and for this I wore an Indian Anarkali outfit. My mum and aunt wore saris. Obviously people in Kent aren’t used to seeing traditional Indian clothing as traffic stopped for us (on busy roundabouts no less) and random people stopped us on the street to tell us how colourful we looked. We were definitely that.

Once the ceremony was over we went to a park to take some photos. I don’t know the name of the park but the canal running through it and the flowers made the perfect setting for a newly wedded couple’s photos.


Then after a quick change, we headed into town for a lovely meal. And Canterbury town is beautiful. My cousin took great please in my tourist like behaviour, but it’s not every day I see such interesting street names.



And he was the one who actually pointed this particular pub out to me. So he should have expected me taking a photo of it.


Sadly we didn’t have time to go into Canterbury Cathedral’s grounds, and that is something I would like to do at a later date but we did see it from outside before moving on.



And move on we did, to the Marlowe Theatre where right next to it was another canal (very likely the same one as before but I have no idea) and another picturesque postcard perfect scene.


I loved seeing my family, witnessing a wonderful wedding and visiting Canterbury for the first time. I am already planning a return trip.

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