Things I Learnt From Running

1. There is always someone better than you

Always. Without a doubt. Accept this and move on. Love the competition and the thrill you get from racing other people, but accept that someone will always beat you. Once you have done that, running becomes all the better.

  1. Not much can beat running towards food

There is only one thing that motivates me on a Sunday morning when I need to go for a run: my breakfast. Nothing else can make me put trainers on any faster because the quicker I complete my run, the quicker I can have some food.

  1. Your legs know what they are doing

No matter how much you have done that week, or how tired you are there comes a point when your legs move in autopilot. They know what they are doing.

  1. Lycra is the greatest invention of all time…

Just imagine the chafing if you had to run in cotton. Pretty soon, you spend so much time in lycra that dnim feels really painful against your skin and non-elasticated waistbands need to be banned.

  1. Only second to a sports bra

No matter how big or large your breasts are, your sports bra is the most useful thing any female runner will ever own.

  1. The heartbreak of an injury

Having to rest and heal can sometimes be the hardest thing ever. It’s worth it because with the pain there is hope that you will be all the stronger for it once you can start running again.

  1. It’s not about losing weight

Of course people run to lose weight and you do lose weight (after all you are exercising) but there is so much more to running than that. You appreciate food more, are stronger, fitter, firmer, more patient. That feeling after a run, of accomplishment and sheer joy, is hard to beat.

  1. The runner’s nod

It’s acceptable to give a fellow runner The Nod as they pass you by in the opposite direction. This is the only socially acceptable situation for The Nod and in that small gesture you share all your pain and all your triumph with a stranger and they get it.

  1. It’s all about you

Even if you do listen to music, as time goes by you become more and more comfortable spending time with yourself. And that is something that can be used in all situations.

  1. Running isn’t cheap

Theoretically all you need is a pair of trainers. In practice you need the best clothes and the best shoes and the best equipment. It isn’t cheap and some of it isn’t even worth it, but because of running sports shopping has taken on a whole new relevance and you can’t help yourself.

  1. That running is more about flying than anything else

When you walk one foot is always on the ground. When you run, it isn’t. You spend a lot more time flying than you would ever think.

  1. Not going running is painful

You have a schedule, a routine and when that routine is messed it doesn’t feel all that great because you want to run. When you get to this point, you are a runner. No matter what the distance and what your speed, you are a runner.


  1. Sandy 23rd April 2014 / 4:09 pm

    Totally agree. I especially relate to #12 – I had to take a break to recover from surgery for 6 weeks and I HATED it. Back to it now though.

    • Rosh 23rd April 2014 / 4:10 pm

      Did you also find out then just what a massive part running played in your life? Because that is how it was for me.

      • Sandy 23rd April 2014 / 4:14 pm

        Well, I already knew that – I spend an inordinate amount of time doing it, and for me it is both a mental/physical outlet as well as a social one as many of my friends are runners or fellow gym rats whom I look forward to seeing everyday. Still, in spite of being a runner I think of myself as being lazy, so I just didn’t realize how much I would hate having to sit around and do nothing.

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