Happy World Book Night 2014!


Yesterday, not only was it Shakespeare’s birthday (happy birthday Bard!) but also World Book night 2014 and for this year’s WBN, my Mutti and I went to the brand new Wembley Library for their WBN celebrations.

The first thing that greeted me when I walked in (through the back entrance) was the pop-up Shakespeare that was going on. Since I love Shakespeare, I took a seat and watched. As it was pop-up Shakespeare, part of Julius Caesar was performed in the library while other parts were performed outside.


I didn’t follow the performance outside and instead decided to have a look at the World Book Night table. I chatted with the lovely librarian, picked up a few WBN books and waited for Mother dearest to arrive with my books. When she did I added mine to the table.




photo 10

We were then told that there was a WBN quiz happening in about 15 minutes which we both wanted to enter – it was about books and we love books, of course we would do well!


Well, we did do well (Mutti even came first) but this was down to guesswork rather than actual knowledge. It was a ridiculously difficult quiz that really probed into author’s personal lives. I know nothing about an author’s personal life and I don’t want to. Thankfully Madre knows more.

And thanks to her random, personal life based knowledge she won a signed copy of Michael Connelly’s The Gods of Guilt!


It was a really good evening and really good way to celebrate WBN 2014. Roll on 2015!

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