Stella McCartney at the Met Gala 2014

Over the weekend it was the Met Gala 2014. This morning there are best and worst dressed lists all over the place. I always find those lists ridiculous as they all try and pass off someone’s opinion as an indisputable fact. But I do like looking at what everyone was wearing and what the trends are now. And to me it seems as if Stelle McCartney won all the fashion awards (I would like to say this is an indisputable fact but I bet you all have your own favourites).


L-R: Reese Witherspoon, Cara Delvigne, Rihanna, Stella McCartney and Kate Bosworth – all wearing Stella McCartney

And while I love bits from all of their outfits (the colour of Reese and Kate’s dresses, Cara’s top and eyebrows, and Stella’s everything), it’s Rihanna’s outfit which has to be my favourite look from the night.


Crop tops have been steadily growing in popularity and until I wore one I didn’t really understand how anything made popular in the 90s could be fashionable now. Then I remembered that the 90s wasn’t 10 years ago and everything made a little more sense.

This particular crop top seems to be the natural evolution of the crop tops you see in shops. The detailing around the neck, the detailing and style of the back – all looked wonderful and Rihanna wore the whole outfit rather than the outfit wearing her.


I can see crop tops like this becoming more and more prevalent on the high street and I for one welcome that. I love clothes with interesting backs.

Costume Institute Gala Benefit celebrating Charles James: Beyond Fashion, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, America - 05 May 2014

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