Nike X Alex Monroe (with a little bit of Liberty thrown in too)


In running circles the Tiffany necklace you get at the end of the Nike Women San Franciscan Marathon is legendary. For many people this medal makes running a marathon completely worth it. For other people it’s the tuxedo clad firemen who hand it to you. (For me it’s both) However there has never been a British equivalent. Medals are medals in the traditional sense; they definitely aren’t pieces of jewellery. At least that was the case until Nike UK unveiled their We Own the Night Medal.

Designed by jeweller Alex Monroe this medal is something you can wear everyday – it’s certainly beautiful and discreet enough to pass as ‘normal’ jewellery, not as a running medal. According to Alex Monroe, the inspiration behind the design and the three colours comes from celebrating an individual’s personal achievement, rather than your position in the race. Nike wants to promote everyone, regardless of ability and running experience to take part and own the night and the medal reflects this.


Each disc on the necklace represents the person’s achievement and features Nike’s motto. It’s presented in a beautiful Liberty print box (the print is Lora and is so beautiful isn’t it?) and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and put the medal on!


There has been one race I have entered where the organisers decided not to differentiate between men and women’s clothing sizes so I have had to run in this massive t-shirt which both drowned me and made me look and feel absolutely shit. Things like this make experiences like that a lot easier to handle. Thank you so much Nike for making shirts which actually fit women and thank you so much for designing a medal which I can’t wait to wear.

All image credit goes to Nike UK and Alex Monroe

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