I Owned the Night!

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Yesterday I ran Nike’s We Own the Night. It was a wonderful night and a brilliant run. Loved every moment. Plus I got a great time!

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After the 9 Lakes Challenge my knees have been aching so I went into this race just hoping I would be able to finish it. Thankfully I was being overtly pessimistic, even if I wasn’t able to finish the race as quick as I would have liked. Once I knew and accepted that I wanted to make sure I finished within the hour – something I knew I could easily achieve.

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The strange orange thing on my shoe was the timing device (chip isn’t the right word since it wasn’t a chip but it behaved chip like). You can see the strapping on both my knees and thankfully it helped. It kept me going. And I love the racer shirts – Kiss My Race which I plan to wear on normal runs too. And as I mentioned before I love that it actually fits me.

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I am completely unable to do french plaits in my own hair yet my mum can and it gave me great pleasure to ask her to give me pig tails. It made me look so much younger, something else which she found very funny.

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While I was busy running, my friends who had come to see and support me found the board Nike had set up with everyone’s names and they found my name! This was very, very cool and I loved seeing it.


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It was only when I got home that I was able to check my race time and I was under the hour – woohoo! I did think I ran well enough to do it but it’s nice to see the official figures. The run itself took place in Victoria Park whether the weather was windy (really, rally windy) but thankfully dry. The route lapped in on itself and this is the only criticism I have of the run. Before we reached the second kilometer marking we had already passed the six kilometer marking which was both demoralizing and very funny. But it was lovely when I passed it for real on my second lap of the park.

There was music on the course, both in the form of live bands (who were amazing) ¬†and DJs. There were lit tunnels to run through full of lights and music. It was fun and joyous and so brilliant. When I finished there was a goody bag with some delicious sweet and salty popcorn courtesy of Metcalfe’s Skinny and as much Vita Coco coconut water as I and my stomach could carry (which was quite a lot). What I was most looking forward to was the finisher’s necklace designed by Alex Monroe, and now I have it.

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