Getting ready for summer in Japan

The fact that I am going to Japan this summer was once nothing more than a distant point in my far away future, one for me to look forward to. But summer is coming around, and coming quickly, so I have had to start thinking of what I plan to do, and what I plan to take. I am going to try (very hard) to be as minimal as possible, but I do need the essentials, and as far as I am concerned these are the essentials.


Only recently have I fallen head over heels in love with Toms, the company which makes shoes which don’t hurt my feet or make me cry. So far I have only purchased their slip ons but when I saw these beautiful sandals on asos I have to buy them. They will be perfect for Japan, where the weather is going to be hot and humid.


This jacket is slightly less practical. For one thing, it is warm and I don’t think I’ll need any extra warmth in Japan. However I will need it for the airport and all the time I plan on spending in the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) speeding from one country to the other. It’s from Nike and is their Tech Fleece Cape. Usually I am not a fan of this fashion trend, with┬áthe asymmetrical lengths but I love it on this cape. I’m not at all surprised it’s been one of Nike’s most popular products (I base this completely on what I have been seeing on instagram where I see it all the time).

Besides these two things I have a list in my head and not much else done. I don’t plan on buying any more new items (though may succumb to another pair of Toms) before I fly and want to use what I have in my wardrobe. Plus I want to shop from there.

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