Visiting a Japanese Garden in West London

In Hammersmith there is the most beautiful oasis. In between offices, shopping centres, prisons and schools there is a park with a Japanese garden as its feature. I spent part of my lunch there and it was beautiful.



I am getting so excited about visiting Japan and dream about what I am going to do there. Seeing something this beautiful and tranquil over here just makes me anticipate my trip even more.


I had been to this garden before but never during the summer time when it’s in full bloom and the plants are in their full glory.



I was particularly taken with the path way and the different types of stones that were used to create it. It led to a completely secluded part of the park – a small adventure within a small adventure. Really lovely.


I took these photos with my camera phone and while it didn’t capture the bring sunshine, I love them nonetheless. It’s a little tranquil oasis in the middle of West London.



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