Flowers in Bloom – The Chelsea Flower Show

This is one of my favourite times of the year – not only is Wimbledon going to start soon, but the Royal Chelsea Flower Show is well under way, showcasing some of the most beautiful horticulture I have ever seen.

I love taking a stroll down Main Avenue and admiring all the show gardens. Sadly this year I wasn’t able to attend (2015 watch out, I’m coming) but the RHS’s twitter feed was and what photos they took! It’s almost (almost) as good as being there myself.



Every year I think the gardens are better than before and this year is no different to that way of thinking. They are just so beautiful – visually stunning, and full of meaning and symbolism.


The below garden us my Dad’s favourite – he loves the structure and symmetry of it and I have to agree. I think there is an increasing trend, especially from the younger designers, to create a messy wilderness. that sort of meticulously planned unplanned garden is becoming more and more vogue but this doesn’t mean that planned order is becoming less fashionable.


I am already planning my trip next year and I can’t wait. This show celebrates the beauty of nature and I love being a part of that.


Image credit: all image credit goes to The RHS and their twitter feed.

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