Japan: Tokyo and Kyoto – Sushi. So much delicious sushi.


There was one thing I really wanted to do in Japan (well actually there were many but this was one of them) and that was to have actual sushi in actual Japan. Neither Sister nor I wanted to go to the fish market and see fish being auctioned (we aren’t diehard fans of tune) so eating some excellent fish (her) was a priority. One our second night we ended up in Sushizanmai which was in Ginza and I managed to get my paws on some excellent food.


As a vegetarian I love my vushi (vegetarian sushi) and while Japan isn’t known as a vegetarian friendly destination, I have found that chefs are more than happy to alter their dishes for you. Once they have looked at you as if you are mad that is. No fish? they cry before shaking their heads at me in amazement. Yup, I reply back, no fish. No seafood of any kind.


Thankfully with sushi there are always vegetarian options and I was expecting the standard cucumber roll. Oh no, cucumber with plum anyone? Roasted soya? Yes and yes. And I have to say that plum in sushi has become a firm favourite of mine, but I have never been able to find it outside of Japan (let me know if you have). It is delicious. It was also my first taste of sake in Japan – not as great as I hoped but definitely drinkable. And the drink size was very generous.


Of course this wasn’t the last time we had sushi while in Japan. We quickly discovered conveyer belt sushi restaurants. The Western chain Yo Sushi is modelled on these but the similarities start and end there. While Yo Sushi ends up being really expensive, actual sushi in actual Japan is so much cheaper (a meal for the both of us where we stuffed ourselves silly – had about 6 dishes from the conveyor belt each, came to about £7) and the quality of the food is vastly superior. And by that I mean it is by far one of the tastiest things ever.

After a while Sister and I went out of our way to find these places. Because they are so worth it.

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