Eating in Gonpachi – Kill Bill style


At the end of Kill Bill Volume 1 there is this amazing fight scene in a restaurant. Well that restaurant exists. And while I was in Tokyo I ate there.

The he restaurant actually has incredibly mixed reviews if you look at travel sites (as I did before I left) so I was never sure if it was somewhere we should eat. Then, one night in Roppongi Sister and I, and two other friends found ourselves hungry and in the area. So we went in.


Such a good decision.

I have no idea what people didn’t like about the place. We had made no reservations and arrived just before 8 in the evening. We were told we would have to wait about half an hour. That half an hour wS actually less than five minutes. Once seated (shoes off) we set about ordering. The restaurant specialises in soba (a type of noodles) and kushiyaki (skewers). I went for the skewers with plain rice while Sister went for the soba.


It was delicious.  So delicious. I was starving and ate everything.

There actually is no higher compliment than that. And I highly recommend it to you all of you ever find yourselves in Roppongi in Tokyo at a loose end one evening. It was reasonably priced, delicious, and a film set in one of the most iconic scenes in modern cinematic history. Actually I recommend it to you all even if you aren’t at a loose end – you have to go. The place was packed with people having an amazing time and eating truly yummy food.


I’m sorry about the quality of the pictures – it was atmospheric in the restaurant and iPhones can’t handle all that much atmosphere.

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