The Nike Pro Bra Collection – the right fit and support


If you wear a bra then at some point in your life you have been told or heard someone be told that they are wearing the incorrectly sized bra. For me style and the amount of lace trump the perfect fit so as long as it sort of fits I don’t really care. Then I started running and decided to enter the murky world of sports bras. Suddenly I really care about the fit of my sports bra.


I remember when I started running the styles available were minimal (at least in my opinion but I shopped in all of one shop before I just bought something, anything which would do its job) but things have improved so much. Sportswear has become fashionable and now is flooded with options.

After two years of research, testing, design, and development Nike have created a new sports bra – or a new collection, called the Nike Pro Bra Collection which aims to ‘provide the right fit and right support for every female athlete’.


There are four bras in this collection starting with the Nike Pro Indy Bra. This one offers light support and is therefore perfect for low impact activities such a yoga. It has removable pads so when nipples are in fashion they can be flung carelessly to one side (it will always baffle me how a body part can be fashionable. They are my nipples – they will never not be in vogue, so go away). The bra has stretch mesh and a racerback design. Then comes the Nike Pro Classic Bra which offers medium support, has a racerback design and has a padded version. Providing medium-to-high-support is the Nike Pro Fierce Bra which also has a racerback design (with mesh) and uses Nike Dri-FIT material in the cups to move sweat from the inside of the bra to the outside. Which is good because no one like a puddle of sweat trapped in their cleavage.


The last bra in the collection is the one I am most excited about. The Nike Pro Rival Bra has been made for high impact sports and is perfect for runners. But what made me raise an eyebrow in appreciation is that this bra is available in 25 sizes ranging from 30B to 38E so there is a good chance that you can get a sports bra which fit you really well.

In order to find out which size is perfect for you Nike have introduced the Nike Pro 360 Fit System in select branches and on from the 14th of July. I can only guess at how this will work but I am definitely going to be trying it out and seeing what my sports bra size is.

I am also hoping that with the sports bra comes a six pack.


All images from Nike, Inc

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