Anju Modi – The Rise and Rise of Sleeves in Asian Fashion

Actually I shouldn’t be so specific. Sleeves are in non-Indian fashion too. A recent shopping trip highlighted just how prevalent and wonderful they are. But in Asian outfits, for as long as I can remember the trend has always been to have short sleeves or no sleeves. It was only until I saw Anju Modi’s designs that I realised how lovely sleeves look on Asian outfits.


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Anju Modi is going from strength to strength. After bursting onto the scene in Ram Leela, her India Couture Week show was regal, understated (at least in my opinion), all kinds of beautiful and builds on her previous designs. But more than all of that, more than all the intricate work and complimentary colours, were the sleeves. am6

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The below outfit was actually from Anju Modi’s 2013 show and it is still one of my favourites.


I love the fact that sleeves play such a major part in all of Anju Modi’s designs. My Mum insists that this isn’t at all new and that she wore sleeves all the time. But I don’t remember this as I’m pretty sure this happened before I was even remotely fashion conscious. So for me this is new and fun and I love it. Long may it last.

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