Let the (Commonwealth) Games Begin!

So the Commonwealth Games have begun! Yesterday was the opening ceremony (completely bonkers loved it) and today the sport started and my heart was happy. It all began with the Triathlon (of course there were more sports going on besides the Triathlon but the Triathlon is so cool!) and ever since I did something crazy a few weeks’ ago I have fallen in love with this sport.


Do you all want to know what the crazy thing is? **drum roll** I signed up for a Triathlon Sprint Relay. I am going to be doing the cycling leg and I am so, so excited. I haven’t cycled properly since mountain biking in the Lakes (one of the best things I have ever done) and before then I hadn’t touched a bike in year let alone ridden one. But I can’t wait to start training properly. Can’t wait. And watching it on TV makes me think that one day I could do the whole thing myself. Not only that I could do it, but that I want to do it.


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