Afternoon Tea at Ham Yard Hotel


Until this year I hadn’t been to a single afternoon tea. Earlier today I went to my second, this time in Ham Yard Hotel which has to be the perfect location for afternoon tea.

Instead of being in the main restaurant for the tea we were led to a separate room where the chairs were sofas and the tables were slate blocks.


The tea I picked was Chamomile – delicious and when I took a sneak peak inside the teapot I could see so many flowers – definitely the opposite of stingy.


Then came the food.




It was all delicious. One person in our party was vegan and Ham Yard created a special menu for him which was really wonderful. I have never been to a place which has done that and it was hugely appreciated.

The room was stunning and the food quickly vanished. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced afternoon tea this this is definitely it.

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