Climbing the O2


I didn’t know I wanted to do this until Sister told me we should do it. So earlier this week off we went to North Greenwich to climb an iconic building.


This climb is advertised as something challenging and hard. It’s advertised as epic. And by and large it is but it isn’t hard – it’s also easy peasy. It’s only 52 meters high and so easy to climb thanks to their safety measures and climbing surface – it’s like your walking on a slightly firmer bouncy castle.


At at the top the views were impressive and as it was a clear day we could see for miles and miles.


I would like to do this climb¬†again in the evening – London at night is always far more beautiful than during the day – but I will wait. The climb isn’t cheap and sadly not as challenging as I would like. But that just means it’s accessible but people of all levels of fitness ¬†and it’s wheelchair accessible. How many climbs can claim that?

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