Reviewing Popbands – the ‘no-dent’ hair bands


I actually heard about Popbands through Stylist Magazine which featured them in their Style List a few weeks ago. They looked cute and promised a lot – kind to my hair, no denting, and no slipping out – so I decided to get a pack to try them out. Because surely nothing can live up to all of that?

Can it?

I tested (very scientifically of course) those three things and this is what I found.

Kind to my hair – well it’s definitely more kind then a normal hair band. When I pulled it out not as many hairs were pulled out with it. And that made a really nice change.

No denting – now my hair is thick, curly and long. When I straighten it I make sure I never tie it up because everything dents my straightened hair. But I took one for the scientific community and tied my hair up into a ponytail and left it like this for the whole day. When I took it out in the evening I was incredibly impressed by how much of a dent there wasn’t. More than on the surface of my hair, which remained straight, I had a massive dents on the sides and underneath so that all of my hair seemed to have an added bump. Once I combed it out it was much better.


No slipping out – this was the one which was most important to me. I run all the time and the number of times I have lost a hairband through the constant movement drives me insane. So I really wanted this bit to work. I first used it to tie my hair in a plait for my normal 3 mile lunch time run. I didn’t feel any hair flapping about my face as a ran (a sure sign that it hadn’t stayed on and when I finished the run I was over the moon to see it was still on in the same place it had been when I started the run. Then I tried it during interval training. I wanted to test how it fared for rapid changes of direction and speed. At the end of the session? Still on! Very, very happy with is.



Popband also like to advertise how cute their band looks on your wrist and with this I have to agree whole heartedly. I never wear any bracelets or bangles on the same wrist I wear my watch in case of scratches but with this it doesn’t matter at all. Of course it wouldn’t suit all outfits but I like its casual appeal.



There are two problems with the band so far. The first is that is stretches out quite quickly. The blue one is nowhere near as snug on my wrist as it once was. Secondly it twists up all the time. These are ridiculously minor faults for a product that does what it says on the tin – by and large. I like them and I will probably be using them for the rest of my life.

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