Playing dress up

Earlier this month my parents went on holiday to India and they came back laden with beautiful outfits. While all saris are one size for all (you just get a blouse tailored to fit you) the lenghas my mum bought were made for me. I spent a good part of last weekend dressing up and parading around the house in clothes better suited to an epic party rather than a night in watching New Tricks.


This first one is all velvet and lace and corsetry. It looks absolutely amazing on and when I spin the skirt flares out. The full skirt is heavy – it’s got a large velvet border and a pink lace underlay. With this outfit I would definitely wear massive anklets which (in my head at least) would look amazing when I dance.


The second outfit it a completely mismatched one. My mum bought the top from one outfit, the skirt from another and the dupatta from a third. The skirt in this one is more fitted until about the knees so there isn’t that much flaring when moving. The contrasting colours of the border give the skirt the illusion of two skirts – one longer than the other.


The third outfit has the most stunning dupatta I have seen in a long time and even though the skirt isn’t simple I would still drape the dupatta around me in such a way that I can show it off. Though in this picture I don’t think this dupatta style suits me. I don’t have the height to pull off such a broadly pleated dupatta.

All three of them are so stunning. I love Indian clothes – especially lenghas like these and I can’t wait until I get the chance to wear them.

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