Deep Breath, Doctor Who is back


The brand new series of Doctor Who started last week. Brand new series and brand new Doctor played by Peter Capaldi. I was given the chance to see the episode in Leicester Square’s Odeon cinema which was going to be followed by a live Q&A with the cast and Steven Moffat. So off I trotted to London town and took my seat.

I think I should say right from the beginning that as the years pass and seasons come and go I am falling more and more in love with the idea of Doctor Who rather than the actual show itself. I have my favourite doctor and my favourite companions and they are all gone. But that didn’t take much from my excitement.

The episode itself was…strange. And by strange I mean it made little sense to me and had a dinosaur in it which had no purpose but to burn. Seriously, this is what happened. For some reason this dinosaur was perfectly content to just sit in the Thames until it burnt – when have dinosaurs ever just stayed in one place and not moved? It was so strange how it (we find out it’s a she) did nothing at all dinosaur-y. It was only there to spit out the Tardis, which she had somehow been swallowed (no idea how or when this happened).


After this it was all about the new Scottish Doctor. I am still undecided on Peter Capaldi’s Doctor – for me he was too similar to Matt Smith’s version but a few more episodes down the line might be all I need to see the differences. He is trying to adjust to his new body and his new age, while Clara is also trying to do the same. There are also mechanical automatons trying to reach Paradise and there is a hot air balloon made out of skin. As expected there is also a dilemma for the Doctor and for us – is he really a good alien or not?


The main problem I had with the episode was the sound. I don’t know if it was like this in people’s homes but I wanted to do nothing more than turn on the subtitles. I missed so much dialogue because all I could hear was background noise. Very strange right? That’s never happened to me in the cinema before and I really hope it never happens again. People would laugh and I didn’t have even the remotest idea about what the joke could be.


Once the screening was over, Cybermen took over the cinema. For a few minutes only until the cast came on stage. There was fanfare and smoke and blue lights. Jenna Coleman was wearing the loveliest shoes ever – sadly none of my photos capture their beauty but take it from me, they were epic. Zoe Ball asked the questions and Pater Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and Steven Moffat answered. It was fun and made me look forward to watching the rest of the series and the development between the Doctor and Clara.

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