Edinburgh – The Harry Potter Walking Tour

There was one thing I really wanted to do while I was in Edinburgh and that was go on the Harry Potter walking tour. I knew I had made the right decision when we found a starting location.



One our first stops was an Edinburgh graveyard where JK Rowling found inspiration for two very important characters, McGonagall and Lord V himself.



After we saw the school which inspired Hogy Hogy Hogwarts and most brilliantly I had the chance to get sorted. Every time I sort myself I end up in one house. So when the hat was wedged onto my head I wondered if, once again, I would end up in the same house. Guess what? I did. Slytherin for life.




Our next stop was to go to the cafés where JK Rowling used to write, something she apparently really loved doing.



It was such an amazing tour, something all Harry Potter fans should do. Our guide, Becky was amazing and as a free tour we could pay her what we wanted to. I highly, highly recommend it.

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