Edinburgh – Dinner at The Witchery


The Witchery was recommended to me by my boss, by the internet and Andrew Lloyd Webber. With all of that how could we not go when we went to Edinburgh? The Witchery is beautiful and very, very popular. The only time we managed to get a table for four was at 9pm on a Monday evening.



As a vegetarian I always expect there to be only one option on the menu and usually I am ok with this. I think the first disappointment at The Witchery was discovering this to be the case. There was only one main meal I could have, a tomato tart, and this was hidden under the ‘meat’ section (why I have no idea). My friends who aren’t vegetarian opted for the seafood options.



As it was already quite late, none of us were thrilled to have to wait for such a long while and this has to be my biggest criticism of the whole evening: the wait. Why in the world service was so slow was beyond me. We were all starving and all eager to try something but as the minutes tickets by no food came. What did come were our drinks and I had ordered a Gin and Tonic. The Gin was Hendricks Gin and absolutely delicious. There were cucumber pieces in my glass and I was advised to add some black pepper to it, which I did. It took so much of my will power not to just drink the whole glass – I needed food first.


When our food finally arrived we were all dozing with our eyes open, being lulled into a dreamlike state thanks to the candles all over the place. My tart came with greens and I ordered triple fried chips as an extra. The tart was soft and the bottom soggy (as the nation loves Great British Bake Off we are all armchair bakers with more baking knowledge then ever thought possible). How was it possible that in as exclusive a place as The Witchery the only vegetarian option came with a soggy bottom? Of course I ate it nonetheless; we had all gone past starvation to constant numbing hunger.

And the tart was…fine. I expected it to be spectacular because everyone had raved so much about The Witchery but it was just fine. Speaking to my friends they felt the same about their seafood dishes. We all expected fireworks. Saying this, the triple cooked chips were outstanding. Really delicious.


Once we finished our mains we ordered desserts and here The Witchery didn’t disappoint. It looked good and tasted delicious. I ordered a peach melba and only because it came with a lavender biscuit. I’d never had a lavender biscuit before and wanting to try this definitely swayed my decision.


Overall The Witchery was a disappointment, not of epic proportions but of mediocre proportions. Parts of the meal were epic and parts were not. If you are planning a trip to Edinburgh I think you can skip dining at The Witchery without missing anything. And save some money. And time.

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