Alexander Wang for H&M

After last year’s designer collaboration (and the horror that is H&M’s website) I decided to never get swept up in one of these collaborations again. Then a few days ago Rihanna was pictured wearing leggings and a crop top from the collection and the outfit did nothing for me. I thought I was safe – I never want clothes with a brand name printed in massive all over it. Never have and never will. Small, discreet brand names or logos are fine (and in the case of sportswear you can’t get away from them) but not massive things. However, I then saw some more pieces from the collection courtesy of Vogue Netherlands.


And whether I wanted to or not, whether I like it or not, I am swept back into the hellish hole that is H&M’s website. Because that’s my fate isn’t it? I can’t bring myself to queue for a time slot so it’ll have to be the website. And all because Alexander Wang decided to embrace sports luxe. I mean he is going to be selling boxing gloves and yoga mats. How can I stay away?

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