LFW – Bora Aksu SS15


September always means fashion and the second week of September always means that fashion is coming to town. The whole shindig started today and I went to Somerset House to see Bora Aksu’s SS2015 collection.

The show started with all the models posing at one end of the catwalk. Then came the music. Loud, soaring and with a rhythm which made me tap my feet. One by one each model started to walk down the runway and I was in a white, crocheted heaven.


Models walked down the runway in romantic silks and cutwork and crochet. One of my favourite looks is the one below. Head to toe in crochet. When I came home the first thing I did was show my mum who heartily approved. As someone who crochets she understands the skill and talent it takes to make a whole crocheted outfit.


The music changed and the white turned into shades of blue, going from light to dark.


Cobalt, royal, navy, and a blue so purple that it looked purple made their appearance. Crochet was back, this time in the form of a structured cape. It reminds me of a bird cage and I think out of everything in Bora Aksu’s this is the one piece I would really like to have in my wardrobe. It’s dramatic and feminine. I love it.


One of the stand out pieces from the collection is the dress below. As the model walked down the runway, everyone noticed the sheer panels and the lace skirt. It’s so striking, especially with the full length, slightly puffed sleeves, and the models headdress.

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For the finale the music reached a crescendo and all the models took to the runway together. All these stunning creations, all these beautiful clothes.



I also want to mention how much I loved the shoes. Peep toe, stiletto heal and an ankle strap. LOVE. I also like the no-toe sock which featured on so many models. Nice twist to the current socks and shoes fashion.

T he models makeup  was minimal and striking but more than that it was the hair that I loved. I do my hair sort of, kind of, almost vaguely the same way  but I have a fishtail plait and don’t wrap my hair up. I definitely want to try that.

Bora Aksu’s SS2015 collection was beautiful. I think that is the best word for it. The fabrics used, the techniques used, and the finish and embellishments were all delicate, feminine and very, very lovely to look at.  For all those who don’t see fashion as art, I really think you need to look again.

All images from Zimbio.com

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