Sure’s Run to the Beat


It’s not very often a run takes place in my part of London so when one does I always try and make sure I have signed up. And it’s always very cool when a massive run comes to (this part of) town, so when Run to the Beat opened its registration, both Sister and I signed up.


The day (Sunday) was beautiful, the location local, and the route hilly (so hilly it actually destroyed my legs). Sister and I were in different pens and my pen’s start time was about half an hour earlier than hers so while I was running she was still at home (this is a definite perk of having the event close to home).

The run was hard mainly because of all the hills. The route was hilly and my thighs died. But I kept on going which was all I wanted to do. I knew I wouldn’t get a PB here, and I didn’t, but that didn’t mean I wanted to take it easy and walk. So many people did stop to walk on the hills – I forced myself to keep on running. The most glorious part of the course was the last 100m. It was downhill ever so slightly and I sprinted. Sprinted like the hounds of hell were on my tail.

Once I finished I was given water (the one thing I had really been craving) and protein ice cream, which I had never tried before and didn’t taste much like ice cream but was very nice as protein ice cream. A very nice medal was put around my neck and I felt slightly like the queen at that moment.


After this I decided to wonder around and of course I gravitated to the main stage. Where there is music and dancing that is where I will go. Not many people were there as not many people had finished, so I made my way right to the front and to my absolute joy Sigma were on the stage.

IMG_0738.JPGWho is that on the big screen?! ME. Dancing like a loon to Sigma.

Until my friends and sister joined me I was more than happy to dance on my own as Sigma played tune after tune. They knew how to get the crowd – the tired, exhausted crowd – jumping and dancing. It was so much fun. Once sister joined me it was the two of us dancing the afternoon away.


IMG_0749.JPGWith one part of Sigma!

IMG_0731.JPGWaiting to get our photos taken with the Sure boom box


It was such a fun, cool day – I’ve already registered my interest for next year. i really hope it’s in my neck of the woods again.

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