Wales, Snowdonia National Park – Climbing Mount Snowden


I came to realisation a few years ago that I don’t spend nearly enough time exploring Great Britain. This country has so much natural beauty to offer, one of which is Mount Snowden which is Snowdonia National Park in Wales. So when I went to Wales this was one of the top things on my list to do.



In the end we realised that we wanted to do so much that the best way to get to the top was to take the train, and this wasn’t just any train but a scenic train which has been running and taking people up since centuries ago. While we all wished that we could have climbed (I come from a family of hikers and climbers) we were all too aware of our time constraints and we knew that this way we can climb and do other things.



Once we got to the top there was a short walk to the summit and from there we could see the whole world.




When I looked at the view I realised I was in paradise, actual paradise. The sun was shining and it was a clear, calm day.





Stunning isn’t it? The journey down wasn’t nearly as spectacular as the journey up, only because we weren’t going up to something, we were heading down to normalness. I also have to admit that I might have taken a small nap on the journey down – have to catch sleep whenever I can on trips like this! Usually sleep is never as important as actually doing stuff.

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