David Nicholls at the Stylist Magazine Book Club


Another month means another Stylist Magazine Book Club and this one was all about David Nicholls’ new book Us which was released yesterday.

I love the Stylist Book Club because of the locations they choose and last night we were in the Freemasons’ Hall right in between Covent Garden and Holborn. I didn’t even know there was a Freemasons’ Hall in London (though I have passed the building multiple times) and I didn’t even know they let women into the building (I suppose in the recession having ovaries doesn’t taint our money. I am being silly and very likely incorrect – I have no idea when they started letting women in, or indeed if we were ever banned). Having been inside I can tell you that the Hall is beautiful, made even more stunning by the massive iconic Stylist Magazine covers all over the place.




The drinks and food were yummy, though I took packets of the popcorn home to try in a safe environment – who knows if I will like Marmite and Chocolate popcorn (though I really hope I do)?


The event itself was loads of fun. David Nicholls’ was charming and funny and very eloquent when talking about his book. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only person to fall a little in love with him as he explained the terrifying software Write or Die which actually deletes your work if you don’t write fast enough.


His new book Us is the story of Douglas and Connie after their wedding. It’s the story of their marriage and the problems they have and I can’t wait to read it. He read a passage from the book when Douglas described his first meeting of Connie – I think I fell in love with the both of them at that moment.


After his reading there were questions from the audience and bar the couple who really wanted spoilers and the people who refused to use the microphone (one woman took it and held it towards her knee), this is always a fun part of the whole shindig.


As yet Stylist Magazine haven’t announced the details of their next event, but already I can’t wait.

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