Hello Eddy Anemian, please stay

2014 H&M’s Design Award winner is Eddy Anemian and his designs are floral, sensual and very, very beautiful. The range is inspired by Tilda Swinton’s character in Luca Guadagnino’s film I Am Love, as well as the French painter, Ingres.


I can’t say I understand the title of this collection – ‘They Can Cut All Flowers, They Cannot Keep Spring From Coming’ – but I definitely love how he used lengthy strips of upholstery fabrics which were re-imagined and sewn together to create shapes we recognise.


Speaking of the collection, Anemian said: “I like the idea of sensuality, and perhaps even glamour. I wouldn’t object to that description. But I don’t want any nudity. Rather, I tend to cover the body, and I just wanted to play with proportion – the idea of lots of patterns, or cutting jackets with really high collars that make you carry your head in an aristocratic way.”


The collection is gong to be sold online on H&M and in some select stores at the end of October. While I know what I want (hello maxi skirt which will be too long for me) I am looking forward to seeing each and every piece separately before they go on sale.

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