Oh ballet flats, why aren’t you comfortable?


Now these shoes, from Boden, have become the most instagrammed shoes in the world. I don’t know how true this is (how does anyone go about collating statistics like that? Instagram hashtags? Is that reliable? Does a claim like this need reliability?) but they are beautiful aren’t they?

14WWIN_AR642_GLDAt £129 they aren’t cheap and not something I want to spend that much money on (my money has already been mentally spent on Alexander Wang x H&M) but they call to me. I know some women have the kind of feet that don’t hurt even a little bit in ballet flats but my feet start to throb within moments of putting on a pair. Recently I bought a pair of Toms ballet pumps for far too much money in the hope that they would be as comfortable as their slip ons. They aren’t and it’s unlikely I’ll be wearing them again. I suspect it’s the same with these. Style is fine when you can sit and look pretty. But walking in them? I’m pretty sure I would end up bleeding and that would just ruin the shoe.

How is it that heels are more comfortable? Certainly not all heels but I can survive in heels a lot longer than I can in most flats. I have runner’s feet and this means regularly broken skin, blisters and occasionally no toenails. They already suffer enough and I can’t bring myself to make them suffer more. In summer they are in Toms slip-ons. In winter they are in boots. That’s it. No deviation from the plan, nothing. When I deviate, my feet cry.

But what do you all think? Am I in the minority when I think all ballet flats are the work of a foot-hating demon?

All imaged from boden.co.uk


  1. Chai (@Chainjix) 15th October 2014 / 11:49 am

    Well, as a proud owner of freaky feet with very short toes and a nice bunion on each foot, I find shoes difficult in general.
    But I think it’s definietly far more popular to have issues with heels, what with the unusual pressure issues and such.
    Question is more – why are people who make shoes just presuming their product will be comfortable just because there is no heel? So many flats are very pretty, but they are made of the hardest materials known to humankind, they are either too narrow or too wide, have no elasticity and have rough spots and knots on the inside. When people make heels, they generally pay at least a little attention to the comfort bit, because they predict it could be more challenging, but when they make flats they don’t even try.

    • Rosh 15th October 2014 / 12:50 pm

      You raise such a valid point. The assumption is that one size/type of flat fits all feet and this stops all innovation into comfort and style.

      Also freaky feet forever!

  2. loststylemummyfound 15th October 2014 / 12:05 pm

    It’s not a story I love to tell, but years of only wearing flats and ballets pumps has left my feet in a ruined state. I’m convinced that if I’d worn heels all these years Id have done less damage. I’m now left with extremely unattractive feet that must be hidden away at all times for fear of offending passers by. That’s not to say I haven’t looked into to buying these Boden beauties, how could you say no ???? I’ll never learn.

    • Rosh 15th October 2014 / 12:52 pm

      I am quickly coming to the same conclusion as you – heels are good. I can’t handle six inch heels every day but a small heel on a heeled boot or at least heel support is vital isn’t it?

      Haha!! no matter how much I know that they will hurt I have contemplated buying them too! If you do succumb into temptation let me know!

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