Let the silver shine through

The other day a man walked up to me, stood very close and asked me if he could ask me a personal question. My usual response is full of words my Mum would hate to hear me use but I was curious since his gaze kept flicking to the top of my head. So I gave him permission and instead of the question I was expecting, he told me a fact. He said, with more surprise then I think the whole thing deserves, ‘you have grey hair’.

I have had grey hair for probably over a decade now. It started when I was doing my GCSEs – at least that’s when I remember someone pointing it out to me, for all I know if could have and probably did start before. It’s like a Rogue white strip but instead of it being a strip of my fringe hair, it’s in the middle (and now spreading).

I quite like it and people in school got used to it. But this man pointing it out to me made me realise just how strange it still seems to be for a woman my age to have grey hair. He then asked me if I was going to do something about it – he was perfectly polite and very, very curious. I told him no – I don’t want to dye my hair and apart from that what else can I do? But more than this I am quite in love with my greying hair.

It never used to be like this. I used to pull them out as soon as I spotted one. Actually I have had someone do that to me without my permission once too which was not all that great. I don’t know when things changed but change they did and now when I see one I stop fiddling with it. They are so shiny and they reflect sunlight really well. I don’t want to pull them out any more.

I know perfect hair is something all women to strive for (according partly to an industry which want to take all your money) but I love my hair the way it is. But as the grey hair increases are more and more people going to point them out to me, expect me to be terribly surprised because what they are telling me is brand new information, and promptly do something about it and colour it? Do I mind if people do that? To the first I expect it to be a resolute yes. This man was a strange but so many friends raise their eyebrows in surprise when I show my lack of concern at this obvious and very visual sign of age. As for the latter, no I don’t think I do. Which is brilliant isn’t it?


  1. Chai (@Chainjix) 20th October 2014 / 6:30 pm

    But is it even a sign of age? Obviously in your case it’s just something your hair does – it could be a sign of interesting genetics or funky melanin parties around your hair follicles, or it could just be a sign of a type of hair. Mine is prone to heaviness and split ends, other people have full strands of silver appear suddenly, other people’s hair won’t grow past a certain length.
    You don’t see people pointing out “your hair is short” with surprise, they presume we’ve looked in the mirror quite recently. Do they think you’re not aware of mirrors? Or are they trying to ask “how come you have grey hair when you are obviously so young”, which is a bit different that pointing it out like it’s news.
    Although, of course, asking “why?” is probably just as tedious as the confused surprise.
    May I suggest, next inevitable time you offer “Every time someone notices or asks me about it, a new silver hair grows out. You see how many there are? Are you doing this on purpose?” Wont’ fix anything but could be fun 🙂

    • Rosh 23rd October 2014 / 8:20 am

      For me it definitely isn’t a sign of age – it is just a thing my hair does – but for many women grey hair means growing older. This man’s surprise was very strange – he couldn’t believe that I had grey hair and that I had chosen to do nothing about them.

      I am definitely going to say that next time!!

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