Mary Katrantzou x adidas Originals


This is definitely the season of designer collaborations isn’t it?

This one is also all kinds of stunning and unlike Alexander Wang x H&M, isn’t afraid of colour.

This is The first look at the Mary Katrantzou x adidas Originals collection and while not all the pieces excite me (the oversized coat is definitely for tall people) the prints and colours have all lodged themselves in my heart.



And it’s not only clothes that have been given the Mary Katrantzou twist, it’s the trainers too.





Unlike so many people during the Winter months, I love wearing colour and these are all so vibrant and beautiful. While I’m not completely sure if the piece I have in mind comes as a bomber jacket, I hope there are some separates in the collection rather than just dresses. As lovely as they are, like I said above, the dresses aren’t to my personal taste. I don’t like a full oversized outfit and I much prefer to team something oversized with something more fitted.

Like every other designer collaboration in the whole world, this one is also out in November. The 15th to be more specific.

All images from adidas.

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