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Firstly HAPPY DIWALI everyone!

This morning I went to my first ever Insanity workout. Just picture the scene: it’s early and it’s cold and the sun hasn’t risen yet. I don’t think until this morning I’d ever stepped outside my front door at a time like this unless I was heading for the airport. But actually walking the streets of London while almost no one is awake is such a different kettle of fish. Oxford Circus was…quiet. Shops were being restocked and lights were still off.



IMG_1724.JPGIMG_1725.JPGThe class was in Kingly Place – a place which is so well marked that I missed it the first 14 times I walked past it. But once you find it and get in it’s this little secluded court away from the main streets. The class was going to be held here – out in the open in the main square (townspeople did come and stop and watch too). Instructor Tanya all got us into our Wireless Fitness headphones (I usually have such issues with headphones when I work out but these were actually comfortable) and she had us warming up at 7.30 in the morning.


This was the only picture I took during the session. The rest of the time I was too busy sweating. 

For all those of you who haven’t done an insanity workout before let me give you the facts. The whole workout focuses on the benefits you can get from high intensity, high energy bursts of activity rather than a workout which is longer and less intense. As a mid to long distance jogger I rarely have much of a high intensity element to my workout unless I put in sprint intervals. Insanity gets your heart rate up very quickly and makes sure it stays there for the duration of the class.

And when I say quickly I mean quickly. Tanya’s warm-up was like nothing I have ever done before. And once we got through that there was the rest of the class to complete. As this session was only a pop-up taster (though I would love for it to become a permanent thing) it lasted half an hour and in that time we worked on cardio, full body toning, and ab strengthening.


When I signed up I suspected that I would like it, but I didn’t realise just how much. I was exhausted and sweating by the time the class finished but also disappointed. I would have loved to do another half an hour session. This is the only time I have willingly put my hands on a London street and not worried about what exactly I was touching – that’s how good this is.


Have any of you ever tried an Insanity class? Whatever your fitness level I do recommend it. For every move Tanya had an alternative and there was never any pressure of judgement from her or from the other participants when you decided to take it down for a move. It was fun and a lovely way to wake up (yes seriously).

IMG_1727.JPGMe after the class. Yes I am wearing my top inside out and back to front. This is how I roll.

 And our reward at the end was a free smoothie from Moosh! I picked the green one – delicious!IMG_1741.JPG

Images from: @mooshfruit and @sweat_n_swagger


  1. Lydia 29th October 2014 / 7:55 pm

    Wow, this looks awesome! Your post’s got me so psyched for the #HHHChallenge insanity taster next week. Great photos of sleepy London, too – I always savour the quiet walk across Waterloo bridge whenever I go to a pre-work spin class.

    • Rosh 30th October 2014 / 9:04 am

      Yes! I can’t wait to meet you for that! It is such a fun class and Tanya is amazing. I bet Waterloo in the early morning is stunning – I love London before the daily workers and tourists descend on it

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