Happy Diwali!

This is the time of year when all Hindus around the world celebrate New Year. Like most families mine have a tradition an that usually involves waiting outside in the freezing cold in a temple’s grounds waiting for fireworks to start. Usually it’s raining. This year, we did things differently. IMG_1812-0.JPGThis symbol was used by Hindus long before the the Nazis corrupted it during WWII. Before the Nazis, the world recognised it as a symbol meaning ‘all is well’. I hope one day that can happen again. 


Both my sister and I dressed up for the occasion and we wear full Indian outfits like there there is no way we are going to be standing in a muddy field in the cold waiting for the fireworks to begin. Instead we dressed up in the nines and went to a family party.


Usually for family events like this, my Sister and I don’t wear full Indian outfits but our parents recently went shopping and it would have been such a shame to not show them off. So we did and in true Diwali spirit there was good food and excellent costumes (this is a Diwali spirit I just made up) whilst being surrounded by member of our family.

Happy Diwali everyone – I hope the next year is magnificent for you all!

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