Welcome to London NFL

IMG_1799.JPGBefore anyone says anything I know I am about a decade late with this post. The International NFL Season has been a fixture in London’s Wembley Stadium from 2007 butt I only heard about it last year (American football? Isn’t that just rugby with more padding?). But today I was in Wembley and to my intense surprise the whole area was full of ticket holders.

And not just tickets holders, but cheerleaders, marching bands, mascots, and food vendors. The atmosphere was loud and full of laughter, beer, and hotdogs. Recently NFL, it’s culture and it’s disgusting reputation with domestic violence, has come into the forefront. Though I have never been a fan of American football (mainly because I’m all about the Rugby and even for this I barely show any interest) all that’s come to light about the inherent misogyny in the sport has made me even less interested in it.

This doesn’t change the fact though that they know how to put on a party and a show.



When the acts (what would be a better word for them?) weren’t performing they were in Brent Council’s building relaxing and waiting. It was very cool to see that side of them.


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