Beyonce and Topshop – and it’s not a collaboration

As I have said and thought about a thousand times designer collaboration with high street stores are becoming more and more common. They are everywhere aren’t they and while I’m not complaining (much – the fact that they make queuing to give someone else your money acceptable is ridiculous) when I first saw this I thought it was just another collaboration in the long list of collaborations. But, I have been assured, it’s not. It’s a business deal.

Beyonce and Topshop have partnered to create a joint venture company, Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd., which could launch in stores and online by the end of next year (anyone want to put money on the fact that it’ll probably happen in late October or November 2015?). And as sportswear is all the craze it doesn’t really surprise me that this business venture will create clothes, footwear and accessories across various sports. All I hope is that there is some running included in this. So far only yoga and clothing for health clubs has been mentioned. As someone who also does more high impact sports it would be lovely so have some clothes for this included.

What did make me laugh was that the clothes they make are targeting women who go to yoga or health clubs as well as those who just want to look as if they do. If you want to look as if you do then you need to also have a flushed face and be covered in sweat.

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