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It seems that recently all I write about are designer collaborations. And yes they are everywhere and yes they aren’t always great but sometimes the best form of innovation comes from them – especially when it comes to jewellery. They seem to move the medium forward into newer, more interesting territories. The first has to be A-S Davik and & Other Stories and the second is Moxham and Whistles.


Midi rings have been around for a while now and almost all of them conform to what a ring should be – a slim band around the finger, which is frankly really boring. A-S Davik has created what I can only think of as a cone midi ring – like the shape of the cone-thing dogs and cats have to wear around their neck when they injure themselves. But instead of it being white and boring, this ring is pretty cool. It looks like a gold piece of paper wrapped around my finger and I love it. It fits fairly low on my finger meaning I can type without any issues (which is important since taking it off all the time would just get annoying).



And it fits on my pinky finger as a non-midi ring. I am drunk on all the choices I have.


The next piece of jewellery is from Moxham and their recent collaboration with Whistles. And the piece I love the most is their Vida headband. As yet it isn’t on sale so I haven’t been able to see one in the flesh but I love how Moxham’s innovation is stripped back, clean, and very elegant looking.IMG_1829.JPG

Vida headband image from



  1. sam 29th October 2014 / 3:54 pm

    I did not know the rings came from &otherstories!

    • Rosh 29th October 2014 / 4:04 pm

      Yes! They seriously sell some of the most innovative stuff.

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