All about the #HHHChallenge


BeFit London started the #HHHChallenge one and a half weeks’ ago with the goal of getting as many people as possible Hot, Healthy and Happy by Christmas. I love everything BeFit do and when I had the chance to join up, I did. It’s been a week and a half of a stricter diet and regular exercise and while this one its own would be dull but doable (maybe) it’s the community aspect of the whole thing that I have fallen in love with. The facebook page for this group is thriving.

So the first week of this challenge was dedicated to changing our diet. The diet picked was the Paleo diet which is a meat eater’s diet. For me, the vegetarian, that means no beans, soy, dairy, rice, grains (of any kind), and definitely no meat. I can’t lie and say I haven’t found it hard to adjust to because I have. But this was before I started digging a little deeper. Sweet potatoes, eggs, all vegetables, coconut and almond milk – they are in. And I can make a lot of dishes with that. On the very strict Paleo diet seeds are also out but I have included them in mine as a substitute for the meat. Seeds are the perfect snacks (or the form part of the perfect snack anyway).

This week have been devoted to sleep, yoga, and exercise. Target one is to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night and target two is to do a series of restorative yoga poses. In tandem with both of these is complete data and screen deprivation from 10pm. Phones, internet, television are all distractions which can prevent a good night’s sleep. I have loved this aspect of the challenge. I have always been a decent sleeper but my phone is in the room with me. Now I don’t touch it and I am all the better for doing that. The yoga poses I love – since I have started running I have lost flexibility so this helps hugely.

And you all you I love the exercise element. Running, interval training, insanity training – I love it and can’t wait to add more variety. There is definitely at least one more insanity class in my future (hoping for more) and I am thinking of joining the Nike running club near to where I work. Usually I run alone but I am loving the community element of working out.




As an added perk various companies are helping us achieve our goals, whatever they may be, and we are getting some really lovely goodies in the post (which makes me long to get home after work even more). One of the first things I received was a Little Miracles Organic Energy drink. It’s Lemongrass tea with orange juice, ginger, ginseng, and agave. I have never had it before and it is delicious. The added ginger kick makes the foodie in me very happy (as far as I am concerned everything should have ginger in it). It’s sweetened with agave rather than sugar which is brilliant, and really, really moreish (actually can drinks be moreish?). I always like to savour new things in an attempt to make them last longer but this one was drunk far too quickly. The other goodie I received was a bottle of Nails Inc nail polish in this beautiful pastel shade. I didn’t have time to put it on last night but my mum did and she loved it. It’s such a stunning shade.



Challenges like this are fun – I can’t wait to see what next week brings.

All Insanity photos – copyright London Insaniacs.

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