Candid Camera

Posing for photos – smiling, pouting, whatever, is all well and good but sometimes those photos taken when you had no idea that a camera was even in someone’s hand are the most glorious in the world. Last night I was looking through my phone and some of the images taken of me over the year and there were a surprising number taken candidly.


That photo was taken while I was having afternoon tea with friends in beautiful Edinburgh earlier this year. I had just discovered the secret of the world in my teacup and that moment was captured perfectly. Also, I hold a teacup really strangely.


At one of my best friend’s wedding earlier this year I danced like a crazy person and this pictures captures that moment perfectly doesn’t it? The woman I am dancing with, another BFF and I were having the time of our lives.


This picture was taken at a pre-wedding ceremony earlier this year by Mother who is trigger happy. This is Doctor Sister and me and I am in stitches because (if I remember correctly) Sister patted me on the head like a child. I will always love this picture because that happiness is extraordinary.


Now this picture is with Doctor Sister, Cousin Sister The Bride, and Cousin Sister. We were all standing normally when I accidentally shoved my hand up my sister’s top, tangling myself up in her and mine outfits. The subsequent de-tangling required all hands on deck.


This picture? Well this is me trying to replicate the statue in this fancy garden. I failed (as you can see) and I regularly refer to this pose as Downward Facing S***.


This has to be the oldest picture in this post – just look how short my ponytail is! If I remember correctly its well over a year old but I wanted to include it because I love it. This picture was taken at a library book event where the incredible Kate Mosse was attending (not the model – I have no desire to queue up to meet or listen to the model). She was wearing epic shoes while my mum forced me into a bodycon dress which made me feel ridiculously uncomfortable. Thankfully the pile of books on my lap hides everything.

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